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Weight Calculator

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A critical aspect of being fit and healthy is having your weight be within an ideal range. Our free weight calculator automatically calculates your body mass index (bmi) and then tells you if you are overweight or not, how much you need to lose if you are overweight, and your ideal weight range.

Our free weight calculator will also tell you if you are underweight or not, and how much you need to gain if you are underweight.

Are you overweight? Underweight? Within your ideal weight range? Choose your height in feet and inches, enter your weight in pounds, then click the Am I Overweight? button to find out. Start getting fit and healthy today. You can do it!

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Important: This calculator may give inaccurate results for competitive athletes or body builders with increased muscle mass, pregnant or lactating women, individuals who have swelling due to fluid retention (called edema), growing children, or the elderly.

Results from this calculator are only a guideline. You should consult a qualified physician before making any changes to your diet, or starting any workout or exercise program.

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